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Welcome to our Colossus® Sponsor Kit. Colossus is one of the leading podcast networks for investors and operators in the world. Our shows are listened to by the biggest investors in the world, CEOs of major corporations/startups, and budding entrepreneurs looking for inspiration. We get more than 1 million downloads each month and have almost 25 million downloads to date.
  • 300,000 downloads per week (across all episodes).
  • New episodes of both Invest Like the Best and Founder’s Field Guide get 100,000 listens and a very long tail of listeners discovering old episodes. Business Breakdowns, our newest show that we launched in April 2021, already gets more than 20,000 downloads per episode.
  • 50% of the audience are investors (CIOs, portfolio managers, analysts) and 50% are executives and operators (with 10% of the audience identifying as CEOs!)
  • Listener NPS of 71
  • Audience demographics: 74% North America, 15% Europe, 11% Rest of World. 75% of the audience is between the ages of 25 and 45.
Our Partners
Why Sponsor Our Podcasts
  • An unrivaled audience of investors and entrepreneurs. There aren’t many ways to have a trusted voice reach out to hundreds of thousands of investment professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • Exclusive - we are currently only allowing 2 sponsors on the podcast per episode (and only 1 featured sponsor) meaning you won’t get drowned out in 8 minutes of ads. Further, we are very strict about the companies we will work with so you won’t risk you brand equity being diluted.
  • Trust - we have built a long-term, trusting relationship with our audience and we will only mention products we believe in.
  • Audience Value - Our audience values the sponsors we agree to work with, so we are exclusive about who we partner with.
Our Shows
Founder's Field Guide
Founder's Field Guide is a series of conversations with founders, CEOs, and operators building great businesses. This series is dedicated to stories and lessons from builders of all types.
Invest Like the Best
Invest Like the Best is a series of interviews with leading investors where we capture and share some of the best stories and insights on business and investing.
Business Breakdowns
Business Breakdowns will dive deep into a single company with investors and operators that know it best. We believe every business has secrets and Breakdowns is here to highlight them.
Two Flavors of Sponsorships
The first sponsor read (pre-roll) up to 60 seconds
End-roll interviews with customers or other custom creative
Featured in Colossus Weekly newsletter (more than 60k subscribers with more than 40% open rate) and episode show notes
Sponsorship is done in monthly allocations and you sponsor every episode that month - "August Presenting Sponsor"
The second sponsor read (pre-roll) up to 60 seconds
Minimum sponsorship of 4 episodes
Feature in episode show notes