Released April 14th, 2021
Zack Fuss, Chris Bloomstran - Costco: Relentless Focus on the One Thing
Zack Fuss is an investor at Continental Grain, a 200-year-old family business. Chris is President and CIO of Semper Augustus Investments Group. We cover how Costco can offer high-quality products at such low prices and lessons that can be learned and applied to other businesses.
Costco Wholesale
Food & Staples Retailing
Jim Sinegal
Private Label
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The Resilience of Costco
A presentation deck looking at if the best days of Costco are behind it with the increase in online shopping.
Costco: Perpetual Growth Machine
A review of how Costco's business model sets the company up for sustained growth over the long term making it a strong value investment.
How Costco Convinces Brands to Cannibalize Themselves
A breakdown of Costco's private label brand, Kirkland, and how they are able to offer such low prices for high quality products.
Business Strategy Lessons From Costco
An analysis of the Costco business model and lessons that other companies can take away from the Costco model to grow their own business.
A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from James Sinegal
A blog post from Tren Griffin detailing 12 business lessons that he's learned from Costco founder, Jim Sinegal.
The Economics of Costco
A review of the Costco store design and their treasure hunt shopping strategy.
Learning from Costco's Jim Sinegal
A collection of quotes from Jim Sinegal's interviews and public speeches on Costco's business model, strategy, and culture
Tegus Transcript - COST Discussion with Industry Exec
Expert Tegus interview with an industry executive on Costco
The Entrepreneurial Journey of Jim Sinegal
Founder of Costco, Jim Sinegal, walks through the history of Costco and his journey building the company into the 2nd largest retailer.
Costco: Jim Sinegal
An interview with Jim Sinegal where he discusses the importance of the Kirkland brand, international expansion, and product selection.