Welcome to Colossus®
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Our mission is to become the leading destination to learn about business building and investing.

We want to produce the best content in the business and investing world and the best place to discover, search, and consume that content.

The Problem

We are obsessed with what makes businesses tick. How do you build competitive advantage? What are the strategies a given business pioneered that made it successful? What is the history of a particular industry and the lessons we can learn from it? What are the moats of a business that could make it attractive to investors?

But when we search for answers to these questions, we can rarely find the answers. We need something that’s the best of both worlds: built for smart investing professionals and entrepreneurs but enjoyable and easy to consume.

What We Are Building

We are building an audio publishing platform to create the best content in the business and investing and a custom audio learning app for iOS and Android to learn from that content.

Content – Creating an Audio Publishing Platform

Over the past ten years, there has been an explosion of content. The number of new podcasts, blogs, newsletters, and YouTube channels is staggering. While this content explosion has been incredible, it is now challenging to find and aggregate the best information.

We believe definitive conversations with the world’s best investors and operators is the most impactful way to learn in the rapidly evolving landscape of business building and investing.

We are creating an audio publishing platform that will:
  • Launch new podcasts with new hosts to bring you the best content in the world of business and investing.
  • Create audio-documentaries on everything from the history and future of semiconductors to deep dives on a single asset class.
  • Build custom learning curricula to help you learn everything from how to evaluate a business to building a consumer marketplace startup.
We will partner with some of the smartest minds in the business and investing world to ensure that everything we produce is worth your time and the most efficient way to learn.

Product - A Custom Audio Learning App

People listen to audio mostly on their phones, so that is where we need to live. But the podcast players that we all use are one-size-fits-all.

They have generic functionality. They are built to consume podcasts, not learn from them.

We want to rebuild a new learning application from first principles. It must be fast, it must remove frictions from the user experience, it must enhance your learning experience, and it must be personalized to the individual.

Who We Are

Patrick O'Shaughnessy
Co-Founder / Chairman

Damian Brychcy
Co-Founder / CEO

Joe Berg
Co-Founder / Lead Engineer

Josh Joseph
Co-Founder / Biz Ops Lead
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Why "Colossus"?

The name and logo are inspired by Tim Urban’s post on the history of human knowledge. In it, he refers to the growing tower of human knowledge as “the human colossus.” We are going to build a tower, too, adding units of knowledge every week, block by block. The Colossus—our collective knowledge—is what makes humans distinct as a species. It is the root of progress. It will be our constant reminder to add blocks to the tower ourselves, and to give others the tools to do so with us.